Nonwoven &
Technical Fabrics

We hold the keys to the world's finest equipment and systems
for nonwovens, industrial fabrics, and textiles.


FTA can work with you, the nonwoven producer, to determine what specific requirements are needed for your processes. With our representation of these high-quality equipment suppliers, we are able to offer solutions that will fulfill these requirements, including planning and installation.
We offer a wide scope of advanced machinery and systems that will enhance your production and profitability.
  • Fiber Opening & Blending Systems
  • Coating and Laminating Equipment
  • Chemical Dispensing Systems
  • Ovens and Dryers
  • Cylinder Dryers
  • Metal Detection Systems
  • Calenders
  • Winding and Slitting Systems
  • Stacking and Folding Machines
  • Invisible Marking Systems
  • Smoke Abatement Equipment
  • Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • Web Guiding Systems
  • Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • Automated Packaging